Fane "Knockerflatch" West

The lucky pilgrim



Fane is 5’10". He is 25 years old. His hair is brown, originally. For the love of his deity,he has altered it such that it is now silver with bright blue streaks. He is of medium build and not particularly strong, though his travels and daily labors keep him fit.


Fane’s mentor was his father, who is also a priest of Desna, as was his mother. While he hasn’t seen either in four years, he knows they are out there somewhere, travelling and doing the good work of Desna.
The Charges
Fane employs,tutors and is brother/parent/gaurdian to orphaned twins, 15 year old Aziella and Zooey. He took them in while visiting Eglalon, the City of Bells 5 years ago. This led to finding a permanent residence and carving out a financial niche for himself. Now, they all call the city their home. The twins are generally trustworthy and always kind to the less fortunate. They even work hard when the work isn’t chores around the house. They look up to Fane and he provides for them, respects and loves them as if they were his own blood. However, they never let Fane off the hook for any misstep he makes. Yet, they always cover for him should a situation arise. And situations have risen. All in all, they are a close knit group and consider themselves a family. But, twins being twins, the two are inextricably linked and are connected in ways that often leave Fane dumbfounded.
Profession: Guide/Escort
Fane runs a business as a guide for travelers coming through Eglalon. It is now over four years old and he has good reputation amongst his clients. He also sells minor scrolls from his shop along with other odds and ends which travelers may require. It is also not uncommon for him to help tend the sick, repair a shed, build a fence, etc.
While on the job, one of the twins takes care of the home/shop while the other assists with passengers and luggage on the road. Fane’s love interest, , Elise Lachance checks in on the lone twin when he is away. Fane wouldn’t call her a love interest. He is intimidated by her beauty. Nonetheless, Elise and the twins think otherwise.
Although he is often on the road, he usually spends half of his time preparing scrolls, making repairs, consulting on maps of the continent, paying the bills, and personally tutoring his charges. He truly loves being in Eglalon with the twins (and Elise) as much as he loves the road. A fact he doesn’t like to admit.
The Nickname
When Fane was 15 and studying the ways of Desna, he found himself in a loud and busy tavern in a bustling northern trade village. His journey to, some 150 miles, had been made on foot. He had been attacked by a bear, was suffering from mild frostbite, dehydration, and was very tired and hungry. As he warmed himself by the fire and waited for a long overdue meal, a pair of half-orcs had begun harrassing him. He ignored them and began to meditate. When his meal arrived, he realized how quiet it was. Slowly, he raised a forkful of sweet-smelling lamb stew. A tingling sensation began at the base of his tongue amd spread throughout his mouth as the scent filled his nostrils and the meals warmth rose to his lips.
The obnoxious sound came from the street followed by the piercing cries of a child and a sickening thud.
He dropped his fork and grabbed his staff. A tiny note of sadness rang in his head as he watched his meal slop onto the table.
As fast as his aching, still-thawing limbs would carry him, he made his way to the entrance. across the street, a woman lay unmoving on the ground, the contents of a basket scattered nearby. One of the half-orcs dangled a tiny half-elf boy by the hair as the other towered over the body of what Fane presumed was his mother. “Thieves!” She bellowed from across the street and spat down upon the fallen woman. A crowed was gathering. “We’ll take dis one to the constable. Make him do wat’s right!” The other snarled, leering at the onlookers, daring them to intervene. Liars, thought Fane. Without a word, he cracked the half-orc male holding the child on the head, rendering him unconscious. The female roared in anger. Fane brought his staff around and readied for another attack before addressing her. “You want to sell the boy into slavery to the orc war party camped not 20 miles from here. That’s not going to happen today, bitch.” “You’ll pay,” was all she had time to say before he swung the staff up in a sweeping motion, smashing into her jaw. She stumbled backward, spat out three teeth and fell over. The crowd erupted in cheers. Two elderly gentlemen patted Fane on his back and gently shook him by the shoulders. “Ye knocked her flatch ye did!” “Knock ’er flatch! Knock ’er flatch!” The other cheered. Soon, the whole crowd of townsfolk joined in. Fane spent four years studying in the town and it’s surrounding countryside. He tended their sick and helped feed their poor. No one ever called him Fane.
Ah… Memories…
“Do you remember when we first met,” Belder questioned Fane as they set off for Sheywood.
Fane shuddered, “You mean the time with the ants.”
“Zombies,” corrected Siggfried.
“Oh yeah. Them too.”


Faith was not something Fane had to learn. He was born with a bond to Desna. It may have been due to his parents easy relationship with the Godess. Their songs and poems are recited from Eglanon to the distant and dark shores far to the east. But, Fane never could sing. Nor could he write poetry. However, Fane was never without goodwill, optimism and a celestial knack for healing. If you ask Fane what his first memory was, he will tell you it was when he was 2 years old and channeled his first healing through his Goddess.

While playing with his friend during an impromptu music festival honoring Desna, the two happened upon a hot and murky pool of fetid water. Their parents where singing and dancing nearby. His friend was stung by a large, black and yellow mosquito. Within seconds she was convulsing and near death.  Fane knelt beside her, lay his small hands upon her tiny brow, smiled and said, “Desna said it’s not your time. You can get up now.” And she did.

Fane "Knockerflatch" West

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