Witchlight Moors

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Six hundred years ago in what was called the Crown Wars, the armies of The Republic of Indel and Londorion fought in the Moors. The Crown Wars raged for 200 years until the King of Londorion, Eafoth Baldu ordered his grand mage, Cece Wysav to bring it to an end.

Cece went to deploy an artifact in the midst of the enemy army. As she crossed the Moors cloaked in invisibility the hero, Brima discovered the plot to kill her people and struck the device as it reached the center of the battlefield. The resulting explosion of magical energy killed great numbers on both sides. This ended the war as both armies were nearly annihilated at the same time. The Witchlight Moors were created. Strange lights now dwell on the moors along with undead.

The Moors became a graveyard on that day and the people of the Republic still bring their dead and bury them here from all over the Republic.

Witchlight Moors

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