The Kingdom of Londorion

Ruler: Gylex Hyne 

Kingdom Name: The Kingdom of Londorion

Physical Area: 51000 sq. miles

Population Density:  (80 persons per sq. mile)

Kingdom Age: 1260 years

Physical Area: The Kingdom of Londorion covers an area of 51 thousand square miles. Of this, 52% (26 thousand sq. miles) is arable land, and 47% (24 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness.

Population: The Kingdom of Londorion has a total population of 4 million people.

Settlements: The largest city has a population of 34 thousand people, the second largest 17 thousand. There are no other cities of note in the kingdom, and 16 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.

Castles: The Kingdom of Londorion has 81 active castles and 28 ruined. Of these, 57 castles and 24 ruined are in civilized lands, and 24 castles and 4 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.

Settlement Name: Thindulfa

Population: 34338

Size: The city of Thindulfa covers an area of approximately 566 acres, with a total population of 34 thousand people.


Bakers 57        Chandlers        71        Hay Merchants           18        Pastrycooks    37            Tailors 78

Barbers: 99     Chicken Butchers       31        Illuminators    8          Plasterers        15            Tanners           7

Bathers            14        Coopers           74        Inns     15        Pursemakers   44        Taverns            88

Beer-sellers    15        Copyists          7          Jewelers          62        Roofers           13            Watercarriers  57

Blacksmiths    21        Cutlers            23        Locksmiths     19        Ropemakers    19            Weavers          38

Bleachers        24        Doctors           31        Magic Shops   16        Rugmakers      20            Wine-sellers   27

Bookbinders   4          Fishmongers   45        Maidservants  115      Saddlers          33            Woodcarvers  12

Booksellers     8          Furriers           101      Masons           44   Scabbardmakers  53  Woodsellers    18

Buckle Makers           20        Glovemakers   13        Mercers           50        Sculptors         13                        

Butchers          32        Harness-makers          23        Old Clothes     125      Shoemakers            181                  

Carpenters      93        Hatmakers       33        Painters           29        Spice Merchants         25           


Other: The city has 253 noble houses. The peace is kept by 150 guardsmen, and there are 23 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 1231 clergymen and 44 priests.


The kingdom of Londorion was founded by a family of humanoids with infernal bloodlines about 1260 years ago. Order began to form out of the chaos as the family moved beyond the walls of Thindulfa and launched a campaign to conquer everything in their path. Their rule was harsh and ironclad. Fear and force were used openly on cities and villages that did not comply. A short 200 years later half of the continent of Samurra was under the control of the royal family. 

Values of compassion, equality and individualism were outlawed. Eventually the kingdom encountered the Republic of Indel 600 years ago and almost immediately war ensued. The Republic was the exact opposite of Londorium in almost every way. The ancient ruler, Iseda Baldu resented any defiance so he committed all his resources to the annihilation of the Republic which he thought would be quick and easy. He underestimated his opponent and their will to not be subjugated. 

Several generations later the Crown Wars came to an end and the rule of the Baldu family ended with the death of  Eafoth. Veth Hyne assasinated his cousin Eafoth and became ruler of Londorion and his family line has controlled the eastern part of Samurra for the last 400 years.

The Kingdom of Londorion

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