Eonwic's Armory

Eonwic runs this place. The outside is decorated in streamers and wind chimes. Painted a bright and garish orange it stands out in the town of sheywood. The shop is a two-story timber and brick building, with a reinforced wooden door. It is built around a huge dragon-shaped forge.

Eonwic can supply most weapons and armor.


  1. Chain Shirt (+1 armor) (1250 gp) A masterwork armor, engraved with runes of invulnerability.
  2. Full Plate (+1 armor) (2650 gp) This masterwork armor is said to protect its wearer from the gaze of a basilisk.
  3. Hide (+1 armor) (1165 gp) A battered armor, engraved with geometric patterns.
  4. Tower Shield (+1 shield) (1180 gp) A battered shield, painted with an unknown coat of arms.


  1. Heavy Flail (+1 weapon) (2315 gp) Foes slain by this weapon are transformed into spiders.
  2. Javelin of Lightning (1500 gp) (sheds light) This finely crafted weapon was created by a goddess of war for her most loyal warrior.
  3. Longsword (+1 weapon) (2315 gp) A finely crafted weapon, engraved with the holy symbol of a war god.
  4. Longsword (+1 weapon) (2315 gp) This ornate weapon is said to compel its bearer to defend the Dominion of Evradris.


Eonwic's Armory

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