Eglalon, the City of Bells

Population 7700

Primarily human, some elf.

The city is a chaotic patchwork of architectural styles.

Two factions war secretly for control of the city, a hierarchy of priests called Sacerdos Torque and a court of aristocrats called Council d’ Nobilitatis.

Mostly a holy city revolving around the gods. All forms of worship can be seen here.

Album Gladio Aequitatis is located in this city and it is the central church for the religion of Iomedae in The Republic of Indel.

Eglalon is also home to College Perficiendi which has the reputation of being the best bardic college in the Republic of Indel. 

There is also a large temple dedicated to Desna which is located at the center of the city with all roads leading to and from it. It is a collection of archways in the shape of butterflies. There is usually an attendant around that acts as a priest but the postilion is rotated by visiting clerics that only stay for a few days at a time. Despite this rotation there is always someone present at all times.

Eglalon, the City of Bells

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