Album Gladio Aequitatis

Pronounced: Al-bum Glad-eo eQee-TAHtee-cesa

(White sword of Justice)

Primary church of Iomedae in Eglalon, the City of Bells. This grand and sprawling church takes up 1/8th of the city itself. It has a protective wall that runs completely around it's property with several gated entrances guarded by its own paladins. Papers and checked  in certain areas and in some areas people are allowed by invitation only.

The church itself runs on a strict hierarchy that can seem a little confusing from the outside. The top of the church is the Pontificem who oversees all followers of Iomedae and it considered the direct contact with the goddess. The current Pontificem is Sariel IV (original name: Ephen). He is currently 68 years old and will serve until his death.

The church originally started Sacerdos Torque but was caught up in a scandal 36 years ago and has since relinquished most of its membership to the other faiths in Eglalon. They still wield considerable power within the city though it's faithful. 

The church does great works with the Eglalon's poor and hungry. They run many shelters and food pantries within the city. They also provide legal council to those who cannot afford it. They run the largest hospital in the city on donations and several smaller clinics that are free of charge.

The church does not do much in the way of funeral services. Once the body is vacated by the soul then it is no longer important. 


Album Gladio Aequitatis

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