Siggfried Khanig

6ft 5 in 267lbs Long Blonde Hair Blue Eyes




Siggfried is the son of a Barbarian Chief father named Korth, and a highborn mother Erna Khanig from Woofield.

Korth would venture down from the mountains to spend time with Erna. The intense draw of their forbidden love made their longing for each other more and more desirable. Eventually Erna ran away with Korth and joined the small barbarian troupe he was in and were soon married. Erna became proficient with a longsword and shield and was given the name “Shield Mother.” As the years passed Korth became the chief of the tribe and grew less and less interested in love and more interested in fighting and plundering. Still they bore a son named Siggfried.

As Siggfried grew the barbarian tribe grew bigger and bigger and would be hired for various security jobs, or straight mercenary work. Korth taught Siggfried to fight and on his 10th birthday had a greatsword made in his honor called, “Gift of the Mountain Father.”


By the time Siggfried was 16 he was a formidable warrior and got a lot of attention from the tribe. Korth driven mad with power was afraid that his son would try to overthrow him so he attacked. Siggfried was wounded on the right side of his face. Erna stepped in a defended her son and knocked out Korth with a bash from her shield. Erna and Siggfried fled north bouncing from city to city using her Father’s influence where she could. Eventually they felt safe in a small town between Wawich and Wabluff called Riverwood.

They spent four years here where Erna opened a Tavern called “Shield Mother” and Siggfried did woodcutting for work. The population was less than 100 and they became well known for keeping various creatures and bandits away with what they learned in the hills all those years.

Unfortunately one day undead started showing up near and around town. At first it was no problem for the two. As time passed it became more and more of a problem. They sent word to all the local cities, Wawich and Wabluff, and got nothing in response. Soon they were overrun. days of fighting took place and the entire town had died. Erna and Siggfried were pinned and hiding feeling that all hope was lost.

Suddenly a lone Paladin appeared and started smiting the swarm of the dead. Erna and Siggfried took one final stand and they together defeated the undead. The Paladin introduced herself as Scarlette Randgrid, a servant of Iomedae. She was very impressed not only with Siggfried’s ability but the mighty greatsword he swung around with ease. She offered him the opportunity to become a Paladin and do great works like she did for them. Siggfried finally felt like he had purpose in life. To be able to use his strength to help people.

They traveled to Eglalon, the City of Bells where Siggfried spent four years learning to become a Paladin at the Album Gladio Aequitatis. The church smith’s even made adjustments to his greatsword, giving it a more polished and holy look like a Paladin should dawn.

Siggfried met Fane “Knockerflatch” West while preforming guard duty for his tour service as one of his public service requirements for his training. A few months later the two escorted a family to their village a few days out from Eglalon. On the way back they set up camp for the night. A halfling named Belder Millstone burst through the underbrush and was tackled by an undead giant ant. Siggfired and Fane rescued Beldter that evening which began their strong friendship.


This upcoming mission will be his first and he doesn’t want to disappoint Scarlette whom he is in love with. He admires her strength and she reminds him of his mother for she too is skilled with the longsword and shield.

Siggfried Khanig

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