Belder Millstone

Halfling Bard




The Millstones: Thresh(Father), Maria(Mother), Nelly and Thia(older twin sisters), Flyn(older bother), Dyllick (younger brother)

Teachers and students:
Lady Marlyassa Pegason: intrumentals: half elfe : hates belder: turned into a molting peacock
Belgeon Serpenthelm: Lyrics and Rhyme: half orc: saw what happened with the drinks drank anyway, turned into a rather larger badger
Lord Thogold Fletcher: Human: Scribe and calligraphy: hates short races in general: Belder believes Thogold wishes he was an elf: also a peacock
Nerissys Stalkingwolf: elf class mate: Belder found Thogold “accidently” near her quarters more than once late at night. Turned into a mink

Thieving was a time honored family tradition and while he had the skills Belder did not have the cut throat to actually steal from others. Especially those who, in his mind didn’t deserve it. Belder’s father wanted more for his children but knew he needed money to make that happen. This drove him to take larger more risky scores with bigger pay days. From these pay offs Belders father was able to afford Bard Colledge in Eglalon, College Perficiendi.

“Control the pen, and you control the memory. Make us look better than we are” – Thresh Millstone (Father)

Through his time at College Perficiendi Belder didn’t exactly fit in. The school could be broken down into 2 groups. The rich who were here because daddy bought their way in and the gifted in on some kind of scholarship. While it was his father’s money that bought him in he did not come from money or have the given creative talent that the nerds had. He was making himself a passable bard but only that, passable. Just as he was a passable thief before. He would often lament over a pint or 9 in a pub. Here is where he would shine. He’d ruin a blow-heart bard’s performance with comical interruptions that sent the crowd roaring, or pick a pick pocket returning purses to the drunks unaware they had "dropped them. These pranks where so much fun that he started applying them in school making the days much more bearable.

His zeal for these pranks did catch up with him. On the night before, what would have been graduation day, Belder spiked several snobbish students and faculties drinks with a potion he bought to bring out their inner-selves. While Belder was expecting them to make fools of themselves it actually turned them into various animals. Belder was amazed and not surprised at all at how many of them we rats and bloated peacocks. Belder’s diploma was held on the conditions that he . . .
A) Pay for the damages(2000gp)
B) he must complete and publish an epic
C) turn them back into people

After several months of not being able to find an epic Belder decided to drum one up. He had heard that there was a colony of large ants a few miles from a small village 3 days ride from the city. Belder figured he could kick up the ants watch the villagers overcome them and boom story for his epic. Only the ants he found were the size of dogs. Trying to leave them alone proved harder than expected as apparently ants have amazing sense of smell. Belder attempted to flee but was having little luck as apparently ants get stupidly fast when they get big. Luck did however smile on Belder as he ran with the ants right into the camp of 2 adventures, Fane “Knockerflatch” West and Siggfried Khanig. They jumped to Belders aid and began fighting off the beasts. Through the fight it was discovered that the ants were in fact among the undead and the cleric was able to turn them. Since then Belder has been following the 2 knowing they will be his epic.

Belder Millstone

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